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What is Qbasic?

QBasic is an acronym for Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

QBasic is a beginner computer language made by Microsoft. It comes with DOS.

QBasic is easy to learn and fun to use, you can make programs that do exactly what you want them to do.

QBasic is a language published by Microsoft. The current version is 7.1, and version 1.1 is distributed with DOS in place of GW-BASIC. QBasic is extremely easy to use. Its math functions are especially good, and it's a great "learners language" for schools and other simila institutions. It resembles BASIC in its statements, but is more structured -and- flexible at the same time. For instance, line numbers are not required but can be used - as well as "line labels" with text names. The graphics support 256 color 320 x 200 VGA, and 16-color 640x480 VGA, as well as an array of other graphics cards. QBasic can be expanded with the use of QuickLibraries (.QLB's) which add routines from Assembler and C. It can also be expanded through structured programming - the re-use of SUBroutines and functions. There are many possibilities. Some QLB examples include QBSVGA, a library which gives QB 4.5 SVGA capabilities - up to 1024x768 and 256+ colors, PLUS animation and sprite routines.

Now JPSor Qbasic Tutorial is Now officialy Open!!!
Thank you and i hope this site can help you!!!
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Happy Valentine's to all!!!

new updates:

    - About qbasic is open
    - Think About it is open

Enjoy and learn Qbasic

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This site still under construction

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I add new voting system

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